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WHAT IS API: This is some function and procedures, Which help build an application. Now what is it and how is it made? We are going to understand this with an example. A website makes connections with its database.

Suppose we booked a flight ticket, by visiting its website. So that website will first check how many seats are available on this flight. This will be the official website of a particular flight. But sometimes it happens that the website is the same and it is connected with many airlines. And you can buy any airline tickets from the same website. How does this happen …?

Websites of different airlines are connected to the same website database through API. This way the website knows how many seats are available on which flights. The connection that this website makes to many websites is called API. (Or let’s say that what we need to link a website to other websites is called API.)

Modern API (what is API)

Over the years, what has become an “API” often describes any application as a common communication interface of any kind.

More recently, however, modern APIs have taken a look at some of the features that make them exceptionally valuable and useful.

Modern APIs adhere to standards (typically HTTP and REST), which are developer-friendly, easily accessible, and widely understood.

They are treated more like products than code. It is designed for specific audiences (such as mobile developers) to be consumed, documented, and evaluated in such a way that consumers have some idea of ​​its maintenance and life cycle. Expectations can be.

Because they are very standardized, they have a very strong discipline for security and governance, as well as monitoring and performance and scale management.

As with any other piece of software developed, the modern API has its own software development lifecycle (SDLC) for designing, testing, building, managing, and versioning.

 In addition, modern APIs are well documented for consumption and versions.