What is a computer virus? 2021

What is a computer virus? 2021

June 9, 2020 Off By waqarbukhari

A computer virus is a form of malicious software that executes legitimate application code to spread and reproduce itself.

I will tell you about some different types of computer infections and some common symptoms that can affect your computer.

A new virus has recently emerged. Let me tell you a little bit about it, as the coronavirus is spreading all over the world these days. I will give you the full details at the end of the article.

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What is virus

A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded on your computer without any information and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also develop themselves. All computer viruses are man-made. A small virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again is quite easy to create. Even such a simple virus is dangerous because it will soon use up all available memory and shut down the system. An even more dangerous type of virus is the one that has the potential to spread itself in networks and bypass security systems.

What is the viruses goal

The target of the virus depends entirely on the person who created it and the intentions at the time. For example, a virus could be developed to take advantage of a particular exploit that is only available on very few computers after certain conditions are met, but the system in which this exploit / hole occurs could be such a system. ۔ Contains valuable and sensitive information. You. Or run a widely used service for many other people. In this case, the virus maker will design an exploit to access the data or control the services provided. This virus will be useless on any other computer that is used for any other reason.

For those who make the virus these days, they usually want it to spread as much as possible. To do so, they first target the operating system, the most widely used Microsoft Windows in the world. This is why there are so many viruses for Windows based computers and why it is important to take precautions to protect your computer from these viruses. Pay attention to find out below.

Symptoms of computer virus / coronavirus

Common viruses are the most common targets today

  • Collect data about your computer and user habits and sell that data.
  • hijack your own computer to push more ads to your screen and make money from the ad
  • computer Hijack your computer and hold your computer for ransom unless you pay for it or deceive the user into buying fake software.
  • Damage your computer as much as you can, because they can.

While each virus has its own uniqueness that can be generalized and categorized based on how it affects your computer and what the virus targets. Below is a list of the most common symptoms that your computer may notice and a list of common types of infections.

Symptoms of a computer virus:

  1. Your computer slows down for no reason.
  • Less than the amount of memory in your computer system.
  • K Unknown programs or files are being created.
  • Programs or files disappear.
  • Your computer restarts in unusual ways.
  • Some files or programs suddenly do not work properly.
  • Strange messages, displays, music, or sounds.
  • Hard Modified Hard Drive Name or Volume Name.
  • Hard drives or disk drives are inaccessible.

List of Common types of infections

Browser hijacker

This type of virus, which can spread itself in a number of ways, including voluntary downloads, effectively hijacks certain browser functions, usually in the form of automatically redirecting users to specific sites. It is generally assumed that this tactic is designed to increase revenue from web advertising. There are many such viruses, and they usually include a “search” somewhere in the description. One program may be called “CoolWebSearch” which may be the best-known example, but others are more common.

Macro virus

Numerous programs provide support for macros, including production programs such as Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately, it is possible to hide a virus inside a seemingly harmless document. Macro viruses vary widely in terms of payload. The most well-known macro virus is probably a word document that has been speculated to contain passwords for various websites. The virus also exploited the Word link from the Microsoft Outlook feature to e-mail copies of itself to others on your contact list.

Web scripting virus

Many websites implement complex code to provide interesting content. For example, in order to display online video in your browser, it is necessary to implement a specific code language that provides both the video itself and the player interface. Indeed. This code of conduct can sometimes be exploited, making it possible for a virus to infect a computer or for a website to take action on a computer. Although malicious sites are sometimes deliberately created with infected code, there are many instances of viruses injecting code into a site without the knowledge of the webmaster.

Resident virus

This broad definition of a virus applies to any virus that enters the system’s memory. They can then take a number of steps and move freely from one file to another. A resident virus can be compared directly to a payload virus, which does not insert itself into the system’s memory and therefore takes action when an infected file is processed.

We will now describe the part we mentioned earlier. This virus was born recently, we have named it porn virus.

Porn  virus

Due to lock down in several countries around the 🌏. People are at home and surfing internet most of the time. Hackers exploit this opportunity to spread viruses 🦠 in computers. There are many versatile symptoms of it. In simple words, if your computer is behaving unusually your computer is infected. No matter what operating system you are using or which patches you installed on it. We named this virus as Porn Virus.

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Pornography virus is a general term used to refer to dirty viruses, such as Trojans and malware, mostly obtained from pornographic websites. Such malware infections often enter the infected computer without permission, resulting in many pop-up notifications on the infected computer. Security researchers have also linked the porn virus to various fake security programs of several families.

They are used to persuade victims that it is necessary to purchase a useless bullying security program. As a result of using pornographic viruses, computer users receive numerous fake warnings and error messages. And meeting them without identifying them creates a dangerous and disturbing presence on the computer. If your computer is working slow. If performance is degraded Let us know in our inbox.

We are a team of researchers who work for the safe browsing and safe internet. We are almost everywhere on this beautiful blue planet.

We’ll get back to you very soon and help you to get rid of it. You can also contact us using WhatsApp