Speck Mellencamp arrested in Indiana

Speck Mellencamp arrested in Indiana

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Speck Mellencamp is the youngest son of the famous actor Melankamp. Born in 1995, his mother’s name is Elaine Irwin.

Speck Mellencamp’s father is Indian and his mother is American.

 After divorcing Mela Nakamp, ​​he married Jay Pence. The youngest son of legendary hoaxer rocker John Mellencamp will serve in the community after being found guilty of public intoxication and will be put on trial in Monroe County.

As a result, Speck Mellencamp was sentenced to 25 hours of community service, according to court records. He will also spend 194 days on unsecured screening.

The other brother of Speck Mellencamp said that the incident started when according to the police a group of men started hitting Melankamp on the face.

Speck Mellencamp

According to police, when the officers arrived, there was blood on the face of Speck Mellencamp and he did not provide any information to the investigators about his injuries. And was trying to confront the medical staff, who were trying to treat him.

Speck Mellencamp older Brother

Speck Mellencamp older brother, Hud Mellencamp, ​​informed police that he had been targeted by an unknown person.

The older brother had a scratch on the left side of his neck and a small cut on the right side of his nose, police said.

This was not the first such incident.

Speck Mellencamp

Speck was not in police custody for the first time at Mellencamp. In 2015, he was sentenced to four days in Monroe County Jail after he and Hud pleaded guilty to a battery charge that began in April-July 2013.

Speck Mellencamp, ​​25, was released from Monroe County Jail around 11 a.m. Friday.

His lawyer filed a 5,000 bail bond and a $500 cash bond. Due to which he was released from jail immediately.


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