Single Wife / Interesting and strange

Single Wife / Interesting and strange

July 15, 2020 Off By waqarbukhari

The single wife, fairy, has been a stalwart of many stories and dramas in the film industry. Nowadays a Korean drama “Single Wife” is also becoming very popular. But today we are really going to tell you something that will be hard for you to believe.

Single Wife

Every boy and girl has many dreams about their marriage. But even today in 2020, there is a tribe in India that you will be surprised and upset to know about.

The village has a strange tradition that has been going on for many years. A person in a household has 5 sons or marriage is only for the eldest son. The rest of the sons consider her their wife, and they sleep together.


Old Customs (single wife)

The villagers here say that we adopt this custom so that the family land is not divided in the future. “We all sleep with our only wife and no brother is jealous of the other,” one of them told an American newspaper. Due to strict laws, the eldest brother legally inherits a single wife.

And most surprised. The point is, a father does not have a child, nor does he have a father. This tradition has been going on in our family for centuries he said. And we hope that this tradition will continue in the future. The eldest brother is the only wife Kashuhar. And the most amazing thing is that no father knows his child. Nor is there a real father to a child. “This tradition has been going on in our family for centuries,” he said. And will continue forever.

The world is facing the challenges of coronavirus. It is because of such customs that new diseases are being born in the world. Some nations are still living in ignorance.