Reasons Why Has My Credit Score Gone Down

Reasons Why Has My Credit Score Gone Down

May 8, 2020 Off By waqarbukhari

A credit score plays a vital role while one borrows the money. This score generally reflects how reliable you are with the lenders. Having a good or excellent credit score can help you to get the cash fast without becoming a part of a hefty documentation process.

Now, not everyone is blessed with a good credit score, and due to numerous reasons, one fails to repay the money on time. It affects their credit rating, leads them to have less-than-stellar credit scores. Many people are not aware of the reason behind their dropping credit score.

It is vital to know why the score is going down before it makes your financial path more complicated. Here, we have covered reasons that may help you to find out the cause behind poor-credit-score.

Let’s have a look at them. 

Possible Causes behind the Poor Credit Score 

Here, you can read the possible reasons, among them one may be your one. So, read each point carefully and find out which affects your credit report.

  1. Having More Than One Debts 

If you have borrowed money from multiple sources, and fail to repay them on schedule time, then it affects the rating. Here, you have to pay them fast so that you can repair the credit report. If you find it challenging to manage them together, then options, like debt consolidation loans.

With such methods, you can merge all of them into one, and quickly pay them on time. The best part is that it lowers the interest rate. So, for the debt problem, this could be the right choice.

Derogatory Could Be The Right Choice 

Many such situations occur where people fail to check that their credit score is going down like a bullet. Borrowers may not have any idea about why it is falling so promptly. If you face a similar situation, then Derogatory may be the reason.

Derogatory consider numerous things, like foreclosures, Tax liens, or in worst scenario bankruptcies. If you notice them, then you should take them as a priority. Try to clear them first and focus on them more than anything. The more they retain, the more credit score goes down.

  • The Credit Utilisation Ratio Is High 

If we talk about the percentage of the UK having debts, then it is more than 80%. Most of the households in the UK indeed have some debts. They borrow money either to purchase something or to start a business.

Though the purpose may vary, it reflects that their credit utilization is too high. This ratio shows the lenders that you rely on borrowing options more than anything. It reflects your credit utilization. So when you take any debt, then make sure that you are aware of the situation when you fail to repay them.

Hard Credit Check 

Many times people run the credit check too many times, and then it shows that you are quite concerned with the report. However, people perform this to find out the faults that lead them to have a border-line-credit score. But make sure that too much hard checking can lower down the score.

So, whenever you check, then it makes sure that you do not let them check hard over the report. Consider only those who seem important to you. Running the credit checking is suitable for the borrowing history because it shows that you are quite aware of the situation, and take the borrowing money responsibly.

Reasons Why Has My Credit Score Gone Down

Increase Use Of Credit Card 

Many such situations occur where one fails to save enough money to meet the condition’s demands. At that time, one can either opt for the borrowing options, like Installment Loans For bad credit, or use a credit card. However, borrowing money is an excellent method to bear the expense.

In case of credit card where you get limit and have to pay the interest every month may create severe issues. Though, you can use it for the small problem, or fulfill the large expenditures but only when you have a good income source and can pay them quickly.

The reason is that, if you put the credit card borrowing history more on the report, then it influences the report horribly. So, you have to clear them fast before it ruins the current credit score. This may become challenging, but alter the financial plan, and put money on interest rate every month. With such a situation, you can quickly get rid of this problem and again raise the score.

These are the five reasons. We cannot say which one influencing your credit score. You have to follow the report and consider the points mentioned earlier while finding out the cause. Try to do it fast, because it is continuously lowering down the score, and you may find it challenging to get funds in the future.

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