My First Day at School Essay

My First Day at School Essay

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MY FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL: Sweet memories are like the sweet-smelling flowers strewn on the strenuous path of life. Through they change life into a blooming and balmy garden, genuine wisdom is usually showered on us from the dark clouds of painful past. The man who learns nothing from a perturbing past should expect nothing from a fragrant future because what is bitter to bear may be rosy to remember.

My first day at School is no doubt, a bit bitter experience but it will ever shine in my mind’s eye like a smiling tear. My first day at School is so fresh in my memory that it seems to be a quite recent event. It never seems to be an incident that happened years ago. It was a bright sunny morning of a sweet-smelling spring. I with my friends was on my way to a new world of freedom and learning.

Well were wearing white suits. We were swelled with great pride. We were talking noisily, singing joyfully, and walking vividly. When we were just a furlong off the college premises, we saw some students rushing out of the college gate. The looked horrified, their faces all pale, and their hair quite disheveled.

I could hardly manage to stop one of them and asked him what had made them so scared. Our joy and pride vanished in a trice when he told us that a group of the senior student was waiting for the newcomers to make the first-year fools. He added that they were holding the wreaths of worn-out shoes, rags, tattered robes, ink, insulting placards saying insulting remarks, and other such equipment.

As soon as we heard about this socking situation, our jubilant faces turned pale. We felt like those fresh flowers that suddenly begin to shed their pink petals in the lavish drift of rain. We were stunned and dumbfound. We stuck to the ground as if the magnetic power of earth had paralyzed us from you to top.

All of a sudden, a professor appeared there like a sudden surge of grace. We told him about the grim situation. He smiled and encouraged us to face the situation like brave people. He also escorted us to the college He left us in the corridor and made his way to the office. As soon we were alone, a group of senior students happened to come there.

My First Day at School
my first day at school

They look full advantage of the opportunity and herded us like cattle into the middle of a playground. One of them ordered me to put on a tattered shirt. I obeyed him without any resistance. Another boy came forward and displayed a placard on my chest. A  sketch of a scarecrow had been drawn on it. Anothercorpulent midget with a garland of old shoes in his podgy hand advanced to a friend of mind who was observing the situation very minutely.

He did not let the senior student came near him and took to his heels thus inviting the whole group of senior students in pursuit. Seizing the opportunity, I took the rags off, threw the placard away quickly, and raced in the opposite direction. But as fate drags ill-starred, my path ended ar the brim of a field that was soggy with irrigation. I paused for a moment and then terrified of the chasing party, I willy-nilly, sprung onto the sodden field and waded through.

Through my feet sank into the mud at every step, I managed to cross the field and was at a safe distance soon. My white dress decorated with splashes of mud all over. I looked like an abstract work of art. The senior student who chased me was roaring with laughter on the other end of the field but I was happy to be safe from the grave risk. I walked approximately half a kilometer to reach the bank of the canal to wash my mud-stained clothes and body.

I sat on the bank of the canal and started washing my clothes. Suddenly, I heard an outburst of laughter behind me. Horrified by the recent bitter experience, I thought that the senior student had reached there. I attempted to stand quickly but slipped and fell into the canal.

To my good luck, the who had come were not the senior students but my friends With their assistance, I came out of the canal. The condition of my friend was not different from mine. Afterward, how we reached home is another story. This is a brief account of my first at college.