Medications Precautions and Disadvantages – 2021

Medications Precautions and Disadvantages – 2021

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Medicine, a word with hundreds of reactions to it. No matter what your opinion is, medications have played a key role in ensuring good health and improving health facilities. With the advent of technology, there are a hundred medicines available for a single ailment and it’s quite problematic.

Medicines come as supplements, over-the-counter medication, prescribed drugs, and even as natural remedies. Medicines, if taken according to the doctor’s prescription are good for us and can help to cure the ailment they are meant to treat. 

However, on the other side unintended and over usage can be quite harmful to us. From mild side effects to severe organ damage, this unintended use of medications is bad for you. 

I remember one of my uncles was diagnosed with severe liver damage for which he was then treated by the best liver doctor in Lahore. So whenever it comes to the safety of medications, these aspects shouldn’t be ignored. 

Dos and Don’ts of Medicines


How to take medicine? How to minimize the damage due to medication? Are over-the-counter medications unsafe? You must be having all these questions in your mind. Let’s answer this. Here are the dos and don’ts of medications to avoid any side effects. 

Dos of Medicines

  1. Every medicine has information regarding its safe consumption and dosage. This may vary according to the age and medical condition of patients. But make sure that you don’t neglect it while taking your medicines. Consider your physician’s prescription and always take your medicine accordingly. 
  2. Not all reactions to a certain medicine are bad for you. There are certain immediate effects of medicines that are seen but your body adjusts to it afterwards. So, always ask your doctor about the possible consequences of taking medications and watch out for the signs.
  3. If you are previously suffering from a medical condition, so your body might react differently to over-the-counter medicines as well as supplements. It is always preferable to use these medications after consulting with your physician. 
  4. Whenever you want to take medication, always consider your current health status, If you are pregnant or a lactating mother, don’t take any type of medicine because it can affect fetus health and even alter your milk production. 
  5. Whenever you are taking medications, it is important to keep a record of whatever you are consuming. Any time before consuming your medicine, read the label and make sure that you don’t mess it up.

Don’ts of Medicines

  1. Never forget to read the medicine label before taking it. A medicine label contains good information regarding its usage and expiry and it can be helpful for you to know these details to avoid any side effect of medicines. 
  2. Don’t exceed or limit your medicine intake because only your doctor can tell what the safe limit is and how you need to take it. So, make sure you don’t experiment with your health to avoid any consequences of medicines. 
  3. Don’t try to crush or dissolve your medicine without discussing it with your doctor. Different types of medicines come with coatings and encapsulations and can’t be crushed. If done, the medicine can lose its efficacy. So, don’t commit this mistake as it can alter your treatment outcomes immediately. 
  4. Don’t take your medicine with alcohol or any other liquid if your doctor hasn’t recommended this to you. Because there are certain medicines that can react with these liquids and can be a cause of reaction or allergies. So a best practice is to avoid any such thing if you don’t want to face the consequences. 
  5. Don’t ignore the immediate effects of medicine on your body. If there are allergies, nausea or anything else, go and discuss it with your doctor. Normally these reactions go with time but in rare cases could be an indicator of medicinal allergy.
  6. Everyone’s body and different so is the reaction to the medicines. If a doctor prescribed one medication to a person so it doesn’t allow you to consume it without any recommendation. It is better to go and consult with your physician so he can prescribe you medicine according to your own problem and suitable for your body.

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