Malala latest interview in the British newspaper-2021

Malala latest interview in the British newspaper-2021

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When I talk about the people I admire, Malala Yousafzai is at the forefront. At the age of 23, graduates of the world’s most famous university have already lived a long life. Worker, author, tireless campaigner for girls’ education, daughter, sister, student, and survivor. It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago when he was a young man with a passion for learning, living in the Pakistan-controlled Swat Valley, blogging about his experience for the BBC, and learning to give voice to girls. Was. In 2012, a deadly attempt on his life – or what he called an “incident” – brought him to the UK for specialist surgery. But she did not stop there.

In the years that followed, Malala – her fame is such that only one name is needed – accepted the indescribable fear of her early life and turned it into a message that resonates around the world. In 2013, she published a moving memoir, spent her 16th birthday addressing the United Nations, and founded the Malala Fund, an NGO that now has active projects in eight countries around the world. That every girl on earth has 12 years of a free and secure education. The following year, she became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Apple CEO, his friend Tim Cook told him very well: He has the North Star, which always impresses me.

But who is the young girl behind this superstition? During the three days in April, Vogue spent time in London getting to know Malala. She sat down with photographer Nick Knight, made a heartwarming “vers conversation” video with Tim that you’ll be able to watch on our online platform from Thursday, and an in-depth conversation with journalist Sareen Clay for the cover story. Her insightful ideas from the UN about stepping into her TV production and wearing a headscarf – and even betrayal of her love and relationships – brought a new dimension to Malala as she grew up. has come. I hope you all like to know this extraordinary person as much as we did.

Elsewhere, summer has really come, and with it the fashion to elevate emotions. This month our trends section is running from the surprises of pink to the pleasures of puff sleeves and happy skirts with a long sense of freedom and ease.

It certainly feels like a big promise season, but very few people like Anthony Joshua will have such high hopes for it. Rare is the boxer who becomes a national treasure, yet the 31-year-old from Watford – the prime minister of the sport, the hero of millions. In the July issue, he talks to Jordan Dunn. Needless to say, I enjoyed listening to these two great British success stories and talking about their paths to greatness.