Factors To Consider Before Making A Bet On Horse Racing

Factors To Consider Before Making A Bet On Horse Racing

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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world for betting. It has traditionally been one of the sports that gamblers have followed with added interest each year. The sport has a global pull unlike anything else, with bets made from around the world for the biggest races.

The biggest races of every season include the Grand National, Kentucky Derby, and the Melbourne Cup. However, before making a bet on any race, there are a number of factors that all bettors must take into account.


The most important aspect that must be taken into consideration before making a wager is the odds. Many gamblers looking to bet on the biggest races will shop around to find the best possible odds before laying their stake on the selection they are making.

The biggest reason for doing this is because it will ensure that the bettor gets the highest possible return on their selection. Traditionally, the easiest way to do that is by having multiple betting accounts, and then comparing the odds before deciding on the price that they want to bet on. You will want to pick the highest price, as that will indicate higher returns.

Each-Way Value

Each-way betting is extremely popular in certain sports, and that is particularly the case when it comes to horse racing. Choosing the right time to look for each-way value is essential for bettors, as they will be able to get some returns from their selection should their pick finish in second, or third in some races.

One of the biggest factors to take into account before making an each-way bet is the size of the field. It is usually recommended to look at the races with bigger fields for each-way value, as there will be higher potential returns.

Take, for instance, the Grand National. There are 40 runners in the race, which means that some sportsbooks will pay out on the top six. That could present a decent each-way value, as gamblers could opt to make a selection on a bigger priced horse.

As a general rule, gamblers wouldn’t look to place an each-way bet on any horse with lower odds than 10/1, as there simply wouldn’t be value in the selection.


bet on horse racing

Before even looking at the odds for the horses involved in a race, gamblers should first examine the form of the runners. The form is the biggest indicator of how a horse may perform in a given race.

Horses with long winning runs will typically be set off at shorter prices, as they will be considered as an excellent chance to win the race. That’s why, before betting on the Kentucky Derby, you might want to consult the list of winners:


Meanwhile, horses in the poor form will have bigger odds, as there isn’t enough evidence that could indicate that they could get the win. When it comes to form, gamblers should also look into the form of horses at tracks where the race they are betting on is taking place.

Some horses perform at certain tracks due to them being right or left-handed turns, which will be a massive plus to certain horses.

As well as the horse, bettors should also look into the form of the trainer and jockey. The trainer’s form is essential, as trainers that have recorded a run of wins will show that their yard is in the best possible condition and will therefore be a good strike-rate that the gambler would be able to support.

Jockeys in good form is also a good indicator, as it will show that they are getting the best out of their rides.