Just In: Here Is All You Need To Know On Enhancing Your Looks By Getting a Perfect Haircut with Vicblends

Just In: Here Is All You Need To Know On Enhancing Your Looks By Getting a Perfect Haircut with Vicblends

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Come to think of it; many people nowadays are keenly looking into ensuring that every aspect of their image is correctly done. It is not just about getting that haircut, but carefully haircutting techniques that complement and bring out the perfect shot you would love to hold to the public. 

Now, how can you achieve this? The best way is through working with professionals like Victor Fontanez. Whether you are aspiring to upgrade your grooming skills or professionally-looking into advancing your barber career, getting a coach to walk you through each step of the way is vital. 

A Snippet About Victor Fontanez

Victor Fontanez was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A small town with limited resources and opportunities necessary to support young entrepreneurs to climb the ladder of success. However, the impossible became possible for the twenty one-year-old philanthropist who learned a unique skill that has turned him from his humble beginning to now experiencing a sprawling hub of opportunities. 

Victor defied the odds to become the most sought after celebrity barber in hip hop. Part of his portfolio clients includes basketball starsD’Angelo Russell, Trae Young, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team and Dennis Smith Jr as well as hip hop stars Lil Baby, Nelly and NLE Choppa. 

His achievement has spearheaded his rise on the hierarchical ladder to become a respected entrepreneur, CEO and founder of VicBlends Online Barber Academy, as well as the CEO of his hair product and clothing merchandise companies. Victor has become one of the first barber influencers to receive an endorsement deal with the health and beauty conglomerate Conair.

VicBlends Online Barber Academy

Through his Academy, Victor imparts his knowledge and skills to a vast mass of individuals interested in getting the perfect haircut. The academy teaches thousands of subscribers monthly how to cut hair and the methodology to implement to become a professional barber. 

Victor emphasizes on personal drive and focuses on learning the skills to achieve the best. Haircut involves both technical and scientific knowledge to learn how to handle different hair texture and skin tone. With the background knowledge of how to uniquely blend the cuts with the shape of the face, you will be in a position to advise on the best haircut styles to apply for each specific client. 

Victor advises on the need to connect with your clients to initially build a solid network base and expand your referral base. It is not just about getting walk-in clients but building an empire of friends and happy customers who will become your brand ambassadors and campaign freely for your business by spreading good vibes to others. 

In the long run, let your focus as a barber be entrepreneurship oriented and not just service-oriented. It is as well essential to take advantage of the free online platform to maximize your online presence and increase your brand awareness. Learn to engage positively with your clients online and appreciate the reviews they offer to improve the quality of service and become an all-rounded unique barber. 


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