How to Get More from Your Influencer Marketing Investment

How to Get More from Your Influencer Marketing Investment

July 15, 2020 Off By waqarbukhari

INFLUENCER MARKETING: With right strategy expect more from your influencer marketing investment

Brand loyalty enhances manifold when someone whom consumers trust immensely endorses the brand. Influencers just do that job for the brands. It’s their online popularity that fetches encouraging output helping the brands to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Influencer marketing is gaining momentum these days. Because other forms of digital and other traditional marketing methods have been found to be far more expensive than the result-based digital marketing tool.

Get more impressive result from your influencer marketing tool

Reducing the budget for marketing is not the only way to get a better and impressive return on investment (ROI). If the motto is to get more from your current investment in influencer marketing, there is no dearth of solutions:

Eliminate the big names and focus on micro-influencers

Influence with so many followers and mind-blowing visitors every day can help you reach millions of listeners in a short time. But the effect does not last long. Their audiences remain scattered all over the world. Moreover, they don’t have a high concentration of followers in certain regions or their demography of audiences is quite diversified.

It’s far better to target micro-influencers. These influencers have a small audience that follows closely with the influencer. A clear niche where influencers try to limit themselves. Which prepares specific types of visitors and followers, a high concentration of the local audience. These influencers can obtain a better result than the big names in this domain.

Develop strong relationships with successful influencers and keep them into confidence

Influencer marketing is a continuous process. It doesn’t stop with one campaign. After the completion of one campaign, you may not require the same influencer for the next few months but that shouldn’t end your partnership with that influencer. Develop a strong relationship with every influencer you worked in the recent past through a strategic influencer outreach program.

Keep every mode of communication open and so that you can quickly access them for the next campaign. At the same time remember, micro-influencers are not as stable as the big names in this domain, their average views fluctuate depending on the content types and frequency of posting. It’s necessary to have a good number of micro-influencers open to your campaigns at any point in time.

Make a favorable work environment for influencers and in-house staff working with the influencers

For developing an impactful content with a flawless sales pitch for your brand, the influencers you have chosen to work with should get all sorts of support from your marketing department. Marketers often make mistakes in treating it as any other traditional form of sales promotion like celebrity brand endorsement.

In the traditional format of sales promotion or advertisement, your marketing develops the content. In influencer marketing, the influencer mostly develops the content. They may need access to different facilities and data without which they couldn’t develop impactful content.

The in-house staff members working with the influencer should help them with al requisite information so that they don’t miss out on any vital information. You can also help those providing expert content writers, photographers, or video editors for a professional look at the content.

Keep your audience informed

How to Get More from Your Influencer Marketing Investment

Influencers have their pool of regular viewers and followers. Your primary target is this pool of population that never eats any of the online activity of the influencers working with you. At the same time, you should not forget this. That you also have a pool of enthusiastic followers.

Which keeps up to date with all the updates about your company’s activities. You as a brand should utilize influencer marketing on social media platforms and blogs as feasible.

So, ask the influencer to write a guest post on your blog site if your customers like to read product reviews. You can go for a photoshoot with the influencer or include some interactive content of the influencer attached with the product image that could be visible in your Instagram account with a link to influencer’s account where they have captured the product more elaborately. Your audience will be elated by seeing the influencer on your social media account.

Reach to your audience with influencer’s post

In this way, you can amplify the effectiveness of the influencer’s post where they endorse your product through creative content. So, just the moment the influencer posts the content, your marketing team should promote that content across all networks or selective networks as would be feasible.

Your marketing team can be creative to any extent in promoting that content. It can be backlinked with a gust post or PR, it can be referred in a Facebook post with a thank to the influencer, it can be tweeted, or it can be included in a Quora answer or LinkedIn essay.

Take help of influencer marketing software

These kinds of software systems develop a platform where you can meet hundreds of social media influencers with quite impressive followers and high average viewers for every post. They can definitely make your product, service, or website more visible online.

You should have a clear but flexible strategy for influencer marketing. You also need to think about the ROI of effective marketing.

This is possible only when you meet your expectations of this marketing activity. With a clear strategy and timely implementation as discussed here. You can get more out of effective marketing investment and even surpass your expected ROI.