Evanka Franjko biography 2021

Evanka Franjko biography 2021

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Evanka Franjko fell in love with JJoey Buttafuoco, the owner of an auto repair shop, which ended in marriage. The marriage took place in 2005 and they are still living a good married life, one of the reasons for Evanka Franjko fame.

Evanka Franjko is the second wife of Joey Buttafuoco, who lives in Long Island. She was born on March 24, 1962, and spent most of her life in Croatia.

By 2021, Evanka Franjko is 59 years old. She is of Croatian nationality and Her birthmark is Aries.

Franjko tied the knot with Joey on 5th March 2005, in a private wedding ceremony. She first came across her then future-hubby Joey at his auto body shop. The two subsequently hit it off.

Evanka said, The two are happily married for nearly one and a half-decade. Till now, there are no rumors regarding any fights or problems between the duo.

Despite the current state of their relationship, their marriage was once tested. Franjko filed for divorce from her husband Joey due to some conflicts between the two. However, she later withdrew the petition on 22nd Maye 2007.

According to limited sources, she is currently based in Southern California. She has two children, Jessica Buttafuoco and Paul Buttafuoco.

Evanka Franjko Father Name

Evanka Franjko

There is a famous American woman, an American model who gained more fame after marrying a famous American personality. Her father’s name is Christine Pierce and he is an American. Not much is known about him.

No one knows if she belongs to one of the most famous or richest American families because her father and mother do not have any information on the internet yet. She is from a limited number of farmers. Only her father’s name was known. She does not share any information about her siblings on social media networks like Instagram and Twitter. Her father may have his own business or he may be employed by an American company but the exact information is not yet available on the internet but according to our sources his mother is a housewife.

Evanka Franjko Net Worth

Evanka Franjko is estimated to have a net worth of about $100,000 as of 2021.