Eminent Photographer Manish Baser Is Making Travel Photography Look A Lot Of Fun

Eminent Photographer Manish Baser Is Making Travel Photography Look A Lot Of Fun

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Manish Baser, a multifaceted youngster has now become a youth icon for taking out time to pursue his passion alongside the hectic corporate job. A budding photographer, Manish is exploring all the destinations one by one, listed in his bucket list. So far, he has travelled all the way from Italy to New Zealand and Iceland to Switzerland, capturing the beauty of these hot destinations through his lenses.

An IIT-IIM Alumni, Manish did not stick to academics, and auditioned for “3 Idiots” during his term at IIM Bangalore. He went on to curb up his enthusiasm for travel photography, and explored the lengths and breadths of India, covering every nook and corner of the nation. Yet, it was not enough to quench his wanderlust, so he mixed up exploring local destinations with trips abroad. No wonder, Manish has set foot on all the continents and countries.

If you look up for his Instagram account, you will be stunned with striking photographs he captured as a traveller. The photographer took it up to Instagram last year, which turned out to be an instant hit. So far, he has been able to score over 20,000 followers, who await his posts with enthusiasm.

Moreover, he has been applauded well by global accounts like NatGeoIndia and ForbesTravelGuide for his marvellous photography skills, with the renown brands featuring his clicks. Manish is a self-taught photographer, with all his photographs bringing out the aesthetics of nature and unexplored destinations in light.

“It is straight forward . You would like not to have just one passion in life and there are often many things where you’ll find your calling. I’m hooked in to my corporate job. Yet I keep taking note of my inner voice when it wants to travel and don’t ignore its needs,” says Manish, when asked about his multitasking skills.

To put in short, Manish Baser has not only made travel photography look fun and interesting, but also has inspired millions of Indians who do not take a step to pursue their passion.


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