Ellen Pierson Widow Of Robert Kardashian

Ellen Pierson Widow Of Robert Kardashian

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In 2013, Ellen Pierson, also known as Alan Kardashian, shocked the world by insisting on his late husband Robert’s confession that his death from esophageal cancer on September 30, 2003 Not long ago, Khloe Kardashian was not his biological daughter.

Ellen Pierson is an American “Insurance Professional” known as the widow of Robert Kardashian. Pearson, the third wife of the late American lawyer Robert, has been living a relatively private life since his death almost two decades ago.

Ellen Pierson made headlines in the early 2010s when she claimed in the media that reality star Khloe Kardashian was not her late husband’s biological daughter. The statement has caused controversy, with Ellen Pierson even engaging in fierce verbal battles with Khloe and Kim Kardashian. So far this allegation has not been proved but going forward we are going to unveil some facts.

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Ellen Pierson is the last wife of Robert Kardashian, who married him two months before his death. Her full name is JUDITH ELLEN PIERSON.

Ellen Pierson and Robert Kardashian Dating

Ellen Pierson

Ellen Pierson and Robert Kardashian have been married for more than five years

As we said before, Ellen Pierson is known as the widow of Robert Kardashian. Her relationship with Robert became very popular in the late 1990s. After nearly three years of dating, Robert proposed to his then-girlfriend in 2001.

Now this marriage was the result of some blackmailing of Ellen Pierson or something else will happen anyway.

Ellen Pierson and Robert Kardashian were married in August 2003, almost two years after their engagement. But unfortunately, Alan could not spend much time as Robert’s wife. The couple knew Robert had cancer a few weeks before the knot was tied, and he succumbed to his disease, and so Ellen Pierson will be a widow just a few days after the wedding.

Robert Kardashian Death

Leading American lawyer, Robert Kardashian 30 September 2003 by Ellen Pierson and Robert died a few weeks after the wedding. Robert Kardashian was diagnosed with malnutrition at the age of 59 years. Kardashian was reportedly diagnosed with cancer just eight weeks before his death.

One of the reasons Robert became famous was because he advocated for a big case like the Ober J. Simpson case is also considered the most difficult case of this century. Simpson is shocked when he hears the news of Robert’s death on a news channel. Robert had left Simpson when he needed her the most.

Many years after his death, his ex-wife, Chris Jenner, and Ellen Pierson told a private TV channel: Robert Khloe is not a biological father. Both Ellen Pierson and John said that Robert doubted his generosity in the last few years of his life.

“Khloe doesn’t have children,” John said. “She told a magazine after our wedding. He added,

They both went on to say that Robert had always known that Chris Jenner had cheated on him during the marriage, which Chris admitted in his book “Chris Jenner and All Things Kardashian”.

Ellen Pierson added in a recent bombing that her late husband had told her that she was not even sleeping with Chris when Khloe became pregnant. He added that Robert had never considered a DNA test because “he loved toys.”

Ellen Pierson went through difficult economic times after Robert’s death in 2003. In the years that followed, his financial situation deteriorated and by 2010 he was forced to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

And, in October 2011, his home in Indian Wells, California, which he shared with Robert Kardashian, was sold after a foreclosure.

The Kardashians filed a lawsuit against him

His children, including his ex-wife, Chris Jenner, have filed a lawsuit against Robert’s widow, Ellen Kardashian. It was 2013, a decade after Robert Kardashian’s death.

Kardashians filed a copyright lawsuit against several heirs in a federal court in California. Claiming to be Robert’s widow, Allen sold a portion of his diary/magazine and many of his photographs on tabloids for tens of thousands of dollars.

A revelation in Robert’s diary by In Touch Weekly reveals that Chris Jenner had an unmarried relationship with a footballer named Tucker Waterman. After the outlet was published, Chris said the allegations were ridiculous and not true. Allen, on the other hand, claims that she shares in what her late husband wrote between 1989 and 1990.

E got court paper! News has revealed that Kardashian and his mother have demanded the US Copyright Office to rule on the ownership of the property. According to Courthouse News, the Kardashians sued Ellen Pierson for $500,000.

In early 2013, Allen claimed that Chris Jenner had abused his children. Afterward, Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to chant her stepmother’s slogans. How can my father’s name be mentioned in such a trash can?  Khloe wrote. In this tweet, You married her only after her death when she did not even know her surroundings.

Reacting to Khloe’s tweet, Ellen Pierson said that his tweet was completely wrong and horrible. She went on to say that she and Robert had been dating for five years before their marriage. In addition, he said, the girls and Robert’s family were all present at his domestic wedding.

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