Demerits of Politics

Demerits of Politics

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DEMERITS OF POLITICS: Before we discuss the merits and demerits of politics, we need to discuss these issues in order to better understand them.

The term politics

Politics can be a way in which people living in groups intend to rule the country. It is also taught at school and university levels. The course for studying politics in universities is called Politics / Public Administration. In our daily lives, the term “politics” refers to the rule of this country. It tells us about the ways in which governments control the rules and regulations. Therefore, we would say that politics can be a combination of activities related to the rural rule. This includes decisions that apply to a glimpse of the members. It also refers to the control and exploitation of the human community, especially the state.

The best way to define politics is to say that it is a group of laws or activities involved in running a government institution or state. The word “politics ???” Derived from Greek, which means “city affairs ???
Now let’s see what merit means. The virtues of anything are the positive aspects that help in implementing the right work plan for the betterment of the country.

On the contrary, there are negative aspects of the behavior of anything that affects the functioning of the government. The most important of which is lawlessness.
Now that we have understood the merits and demerits of the term politics, we must remember and remember these terms so that after understanding the problems in a better way, a suitable solution can be found.

Some virtues of politics / Demerits of Politics

Politics benefits people at an early stage as soon as they become students. Once they have a degree in politics, it gives students a good range of employment opportunities, as well as education in the field. Preparation Not only does one gain theoretical knowledge, but you can also gain a lot of analytical and practical skills. They also include the power to research and communicate, which is important in the modern job market.

Another important factor is that it can play an important role in informing the people about the percentage of social and political institutions operating locally, nationally, and internationally. It has also highlighted the importance of political and social institutions in shaping our society and therefore the way it plays an important role in the betterment of the country and the people at large.

Politics gives you fame and respect. You are internationally recognized. It helps you promote your country in various forums. And it’s a very easy way to connect with the world.

Politics gives you the opportunity to represent the people of your class, region, and social station. In this way, it becomes easier to influence management to focus on and work on the problems facing ordinary people.

Demerits of politics

Like everything, politics has its ups and downs. Electoral contests create divisions in every constituency and also create some chaos. Representatives and leaders of different political parties often blame each other. Political parties and candidates often use unfair means to win elections. And it has been seen many times that in politics, people do not shy away from taking the life of their opponent.

Demerits of Politics

Second, political decisions affect the lives of ordinary people in two main ways. They decide what percentage of the state collects taxes from the general public on taxes on public development projects such as health, education, construction, or defense.

Not only development programs but also political decisions make laws that affect the lives of ordinary people.

Politics keeps you so busy in public affairs that you hardly find time for your personal or social life. You have not received privacy. You can’t enjoy life the way you normally would.

The most dangerous thing an individual faces in politics is that opponents do not hesitate to attack you personally. They emphasize the negative and spread rumors that affect the image.

People have high expectations, so whenever someone is dragged, they hold politicians responsible. Ordinary people demand every facility and sometimes people want to make statistics for them illegally.

We must adopt a rational way of thinking. Politics is an effective tool to serve the state so we should not always be prejudiced.