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CORONA LOCKDOWN: Corona has taken the form of an epidemic and created a state of harassment around the world. The whole world is talking about different ideas in this regard. When I thought about it, I thought it was not an epidemic but the voice of the oppressed. Like someone is terribly helpless.

Kashmir has been locked down for months, there is a food shortage and the whole of Kashmir has become a picture of helplessness, but the world, even if it was aware of the plight of Kashmiris, was constantly ignoring them. When a helpless mother sees her daughter’s greatness being tarnished before her eyes, what will happen to her heart?


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so when a father sees his young son dying after being shot in the chest, what happens to his heart? When a son’s mother is dying in front of his eyes and he can’t take any medicine, how much pain will come out of his heart

Yes, this is the same pain and suffering that first engulfed India, and there started civil war and carnage, and India became the enemy of India and so far they are suffering the consequences. It continues and now it is tearing apart the seven heavens. When the suffering reached God, He gave him so much power that he embraced the whole world. The world that was silent when Kashmiris were trapped in their homes Today, she is begging her loved ones to lock themselves in their homes.

Kashmiris are watching this whole scenario they are amazed that we were a few lakhs, we were not bathing, we were helpless, but what happened to the billions of people in the world?


Some of them were proud to be superpowers. Someone was proud of the economy. Someone was proud to have their own nuclear power.

But what happened is that now everyone is running away. Everyone is hiding in their houses. They are doing their lockdown voluntarily. Kashmiris are also looking at this Muslim world. Those who were witnessing Cruelty on Kashmir but due to their business and economic constraints, they remained silent spectators When Friday prayers were banned for Kashmiris, mosques remained closed.

But no Muslim country was speaking out against this inhuman treatment. Now Kashmiris are watching. That for these Muslims, God alone closed the doors of his and his beloved’s house and let you and the Muslims close the mosques of your area. Leave it to Corona to decide which instrument is behind it When nature takes revenge, it chooses some of its own earthly resources.

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My Brother, this world is cursed by the Muslims of Kashmir, Syria, Palestine, and Burma.

And when a helpless person leaves everything to his God So this caste becomes Anna in glory. That caste is the doer of justice. My Prophet Muhammad (PHUH) said: That when oppression goes to extremes. And people become silent spectators, then a torment comes indiscriminately, whether one is a sinner or a pious person.

There is torment in 186 countries in the world But we still do not understand the sensitivity of the issue.

Right now, only mosques are closing on us, but Allah is helping us to prostrate. Fear the time when He will take away from us the power of prostration. And will not allow us to bow before Him. And from which nation, if the power of prostration is taken away. There is no worse revenge than this and the worst punishment than this.

Everything is closed, but even today there is a door that is open and that is the door of repentance. So let us confess our guilt before Allah. Repent for what we have done, and try to please Him by shedding tears of remorse. All the sins of humanity come together, yet they cannot be overwhelmed by His mercy. He is Forgiving, He is Merciful try to celebrate it with the same conviction before it’s too late.

Before we even lay helpless on the bed And like beggars, begging for breath. And let our loved doctors run away from us. And if the people hate us, then return to this Lord without wasting time. That’s the real superpower behind which the whole world is helpless.

He is the Forgiver we just have to find a way to apologize. May Allah protect you and all Muslims.

Written by: Shahzad Alam