Bad virus or Epidemic / From unknown Person

Bad virus or Epidemic / From unknown Person

May 28, 2020 Off By waqarbukhari

BAD VIRUS OR EPIDEMIC: One thing is for sure, the coronavirus, whether natural or artificial. But it is useless. It is definitely called an epidemic, but it does not have any epidemic features. As I get older, I have seen many epidemics. There has never been an epidemic before this coronavirus that we have to turn on the TV or open an international website to find out about.

An introduction to the epidemic in the old days

The epidemic goes from house to house and introduces itself. People find out from their friends, neighbors, or their families that the epidemic is spreading. When conjunctivitis spreads, you see only two types of people. Or those with swollen eyes or dark glasses. If there had been a dengue epidemic, there would have been hardly any house left that was not affected. This is how the epidemic works. If the epidemic is talented, then there is no need for it to be advertised in the media.

Different case Corona Virus

But that is not the case with the coronavirus. Believe me, now the pity and helplessness of the Coronavirus have started to be felt. On the one hand, there are rumors about the dangers of coronavirus. On the other hand, videos of coronavirus patients fighting with doctors are going viral. Usually, when a person is sick he goes to the doctor. If he is unwell and unable to go on his own, his family will take him away. But the case of the coronavirus is quite different.

Today, if someone fears that he has contracted the coronavirus, his family advises him to go underground for a while instead of taking him to a doctor for treatment. The matter will come to light after it is suppressed.

WHO and Ruthless society

This is because the WHO has set a price for the heads of coronavirus patients. And the cost is so high that if only 25% of Pakistanis get the disease, then the entire debt of Pakistan can be paid off. That is why from January to March we waited for this goddess of Lakshmi to come to our house.

Then when our wait was over and the WHO started distributing the goods, our patience ran out and we had to import virus-infected visitors from Iran in an emergency. After that, we were relieved that the rest of the work would be done by the virus itself. But we had no idea that this virus is extremely forbidden. Obviously, the virus has a reputation of doubling from one to two to four to eight to eight.

Coronavirus And Lockdown

We also carefully locked down so that the virus could be broken where our required number was met. But the virus did not spread in Pakistan at the rate at which the United States was spreading in China, Spain, and Italy. It seems that this lottery is only for those countries where there is already a lot of wealth.

Then we had to force people to close their shops at five o’clock instead of eight o’clock. There was a stampede among the people who were quietly buying and selling in the shops. The shops were crowded from four to five o’clock. This policy worked, but it did not deliver the results that were expected.

The decision to end Lockdown


Now, in a world of extreme compulsion and helplessness, it has been decided to end the lockdown. Markets should be opened. But with the restriction that shops will only be open four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, that too until 5 p.m. These may be the days of coronavirus outbreaks or the coronavirus may be on evening duty these days. more read Pakistan and India coronavirus lockdown restrictions

Gates have also been set up at the entrances of the bazaars so that women who do not shake hands with anyone due to the social distance in the bazaars can be forcibly hugged by men at the gates.
You may have seen such roadblocks on the roads during the lockdown.

The driver is driving at full speed on a well-paved road when suddenly there is a traffic jam ahead. The servant wonders why there is a traffic jam in such a severe lockdown. It is learned that the police have blocked the entire road due to the threat of viruses and left only one vehicle open. Only cars can pass through one by one. If the virus tries to pass through such a narrow path, it will get trapped and the police will handcuff and arrest it.

Police duty during (COVID-19)

Some motorcyclists were stopped and their clothes were searched. God knows if the Coronavirus was found in the pocket of any of them during the search. However, the security arrangements were very high. Especially after the announcement of aid by the WHO, they have further improved. During this time there were two deaths in our neighborhood. The family had to quarrel with the hospital for the bodies of the two.

Hospital officials wanted the cause of death to be announced and the deceased to be hospitalized. So that the hospital staff can do it in the traditional way. The advantage of this is that a person who dies of a heart attack will be declared a corner and martyred. But the family did not accept this false testimony. Then the hospital staff also offered a large sum of money. He also said that he was your father but now he is dead. It’s the same thing you bury or we bury. Which of you will bury him in Nepal from where he will return alive?.

So give it to us. We will bury him with honor. But what kind of clay was the house made of? Reject such good offers. I first suggested that the amount of money that the coronavirus is giving to the institutions in exchange for the victims, if 25% of the people of Pakistan get infected with this disease, then the entire debt of Pakistan will be paid off. The real problem is that the last rites of those who died of the coronavirus, which is going viral in the form of videos, are enough to make anyone repent of their deaths.

Death and Repentance (Bad virus or Epidemic)

When people see doctors in space in front of an in a coffin, offering their funeral prayers, do they repent from death to illness? There are many elderly people who were scheduled to die this year but due to the circumstances, they have taken a one-year extension. People think that this kind of last rites will bring peace to our soul or not. So it is better to cancel the death for now. Nowadays, only those who have great compulsion have died.

A doctor friend of mine tells us that we were performing open-heart surgery on a patient. The chest was torn. The heartbeat continued with the help of the machine. The patient’s chances of survival were zero. There were only a few seconds left to turn the machine’s faucet into a long faucet. In such a situation, one of our senior doctors entered the operating room and said, “Just check it, don’t do it.”

It was heard that the patient, who was almost dead, got up in a hurry and made a tearful face, and spoke to the doctor. For the sake of Dr. Sahib Khuda. Swear to my cousins ​​if I ever had a cold. You can always do this to me. After that, it is said that the patient recovered so quickly that even medical science was amazing.

God forgive Us (Bad corona virus or Epidemic)

However, this should not be the case. Patriotism is also something. Believe me, if Nachiz trusts that the money received in exchange for my deceased will be used by our government to pay off the debt of Pakistan, then I should dedicate my deceased for this good deed.

Of course, I was destined to die in a truck crash. But I have full confidence in the abilities of our rulers. They will somehow prove that the deceased died of the coronavirus just moments before the accident, which led to his death. Due to his death, the deceased could not see the truck coming from the front and had an accident and then the body came under the truck. CORONA LOCKDOWN AND KASHMIR CRUELTY