August Anna Brooks | Daughter of Garth Brooks

August Anna Brooks | Daughter of Garth Brooks

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August Anna Brooks made her dad Garth Brooks a grandfather, at the age of 19 years. This is not surprising.

Garth Brooks’ daughter, August Anna Brooks, is married to Chance Russell, his longtime lover. However, Garth Brooks was not happy with the relationship.

Becoming a mother at a young age is never so easy for a woman, and then it is very difficult to justify her worries to her parents.

They started dating in 2011. After a two-year relationship, when August was just 19, she welcomed her first child, daughter, Caroline Michael Russell.

This was when Garth Brooks’ middle daughter August Anna Brooks became pregnant with her first grandson in August 2013 at the age of 19. By the way, this was not the first incident of its kind.

His father is Chance Michael Russell, who also lives in Owasso, Oklahoma. Chance attended the same high school in both August and her older sister, Taylor Mayne Pearl brooks.

The couple has been together since October 2011. Before becoming a mother, August worked for a law firm.

She graduated from high school in 2012 and started school at the University of Oklahoma. August Anna Brooks is now 27 years old and was born on May 3, 1994.

August Anna Brooks and Chance Russell, her husband, shared the photo on Facebook when Karalynn was born.

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Net Worth August Anna Brooks

August Anna Brooks’ personal income is unknown, but her father, Garth Brooks, has a net worth of $2 m (USD million by 2020.

August Anna Brooks about early life

August Anna Brooks was born on May 3, 1994, to Gert Brooks and his ex-wife, Sandy Mahal. She is the sister of Taylor May Pearl Brooks. She has another sister, Allie Colleen. The three have a very close friendship.

Of the three children, only one, Allie Colleen, followed in her father’s footsteps to become a singer and songwriter. Allie married Jonathan Roberts, a teacher in Tennessee, in November 2018.

August Anna Brooks’ parents, Garth and Sandy, separated when they were children. But, their separation made no sense because they were still reunited with their children and parents. They supported him in all her joys and sorrows.

August anna father Garth Brooks married his current partner, Trisha Yearwood after divorce from their mother, Sandy.

August Anna and her siblings have maintained a cordial relationship with their stepmother, Trisha Yearwood. In fact, Trisha also helped to co-parent them.

Garth Brooke has always advised his second wife, Trisha Yearwood, that it is better to be a good friend than to be a mother to daughters. That’s why Garth Brook’s children were so attached to their stepmother.

Speaking of her education in August, Anna Brooks graduated from the University of Oklahoma.

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Despite being the daughter of a great father and a celebrity, she prefers to keep her life private. She is not active on any social media platform.

Garth Brooks resented his daughter August Anna Brooks for three years, then reunited at the birth of the child, and that long resentment ended.